1. ROS (Run-Of-Site). Campaign runs across the whole site.2. Hierarchy. Campaign runs in selected hierarchies (i.e. Computing) or a      sub hierarchy (i.e. Computers) and all categories included in that hierarchy.3. Category. Campaign runs in one or many selected categories (i.e. Laptops).

Leaderboard is shown inlist.
Medium rectangle and Half page is shown on 2 positions on the right-hand side. Mobile placements is inlist.

Page type
Campaign runs only on selected page type (i.e. price listing page). 

Additional targeting
1. Frequency. Limit the number of impressions for each IP, for example per day.
2. Geography / regions
3. Date, time, day of week.
4. IP number/range.
5. Devices (browser, browser language, device capability, device category, manufacture/device and operating system)
6. Connection (bandwidth, carrier and domain)